Why Play Music? Plus A Chance To Win A Free Lesson

THIS PAST week I have been practicing like crazy with all of my piano students in preparation for our Holiday Sing Along party. Oh—what’s that, you ask? Well- it’s an idea I’ve had for many years and I am just now making it happen. All of my students learn a holiday song or – a classic rock type of anthem- for everyone to sing along too. I’ll order pizzas and the parents will bring wine and desserts and then we’ll gather around the piano and sing songs together. Doesn’t that sound like fun?


As I’ve been practicing, I keep thinking how cool it is to plan an entire party around music. The kids are working super hard and the greatest part is it’s for a… well… a cause! Ok maybe that sounds silly, but what I mean is that it’s not just for the happiness of one person (the student) or the approval of one person (me) but it’s purpose is to bring people together to sing songs and celebrate a magical time of year.


It got me thinking of all the reasons we play music. I mean, you have to ask yourself this question sometimes, because music learning is hard work. It can take years to really feel comfortable at the piano, so why do we do it? I can only speak for myself here, but I would so love it if you would chime in and tell me why you do it. If you could think of one reason why you play music, please post a comment here.


I play music for work, but my real motivation is more emotional than that. Music balances my mind and provides a release for me. Sometimes I just like to play at night to wind down from a busy day. It provides a similar effect as meditation. It’s also cathartic- when things are bumming me out, I pull out the Fake Book and search for songs that speak to my worries. After a good cry and a sing along, I usually feel much better! It’s stronger than Prozac without all the side effects.


What about you? Name one reason why you play music. Any reason at all. I’ll do a random drawing and the winner will get a FREE private piano lesson from your’s truly. Just comment. That’s all you have to do! Tell me why you play music…

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  1. I wouldn’t say I play music, I know only enough to guitar to keep myself entertained. I would love to know and learn more but it is difficult when I spend most of my time “adulting”. My entire family is extremely talented musically with most of them playing multiple instruments so I would love to get at least one under my belt.

    Also, Bella Payne ROCKS! 😉

    • Thank you, Zane 🙂 I know what you mean about “adulating”. It’s hard to make time for “extra curricular” activities. At least you play when you can!

  2. As a very young student my parents were told by a well meaning piano teacher to quit wasting their money on my music lessons. Fortunately, a well known and talented composer/ church music director took pity on me and by age 14 I became the assistant organist at a large church in Chicago. Of course, I wanted to be a rock star, not a church organist and I had some success at it but I have come to realize that music is a gift from God and our first purpose is to use our musical talents for His glory. Unfortunately, that is a very hard concept to teach in today’s government run schools.

  3. I channel music to give voice to the mystery of my soul!
    I hear melodies in my head and then decide which vessel can best interpret this! Is it a 12-string BeaTles Rickenbacker, or a Steinway, or a Mellotron, or an Oud, or 2 partially filled wine glasses beating to harmonious overtones metaphorically embracing the atmosphere with Pure Love! “Is it me…for a moment!?”

  4. I play music because it is relaxing and relieving. When I come back from work, I could spend hours (sometimed midnight!) switching back and forth between my guitar, piano, and cello… I also love to learn. So when I see some new techniques or instruments that interest me, I would spend as much time as necessary to learn it. I guess it’s the introvert inside of me, finding my own little world of music haha…

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