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Hey there, piano lovers!


I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a nice time. Heard some great live Jazz at LACMA (L.A. County Museum of Art) Friday night. Always a good time. Then I saw the new Kevin Hart movie. OH. MY. GAWD. So funny!!!!


And you know what else I’ve been up to? Making tiny videos! Like less than a minute. I did this because Instagram has finally upped their time limit to 60 seconds. I can finally put some useful information up there!


I’ve been having fun. Here’s one video I made teaching a C Major Scale:


Do you like it? I think I’ve discovered a new passion.

I also made a little spooky trailer for my next tutorial, just in time for Halloween: Thriller. Oh yes.


Are you scared? A little? Ok well, if you’re not scared I hope you’ll at least be inspired  because this is a really fun song to play!! I made a special arrangement just for you guys and now I’m waiting for my sheet music guru to finish up. You’ll all be able to download it FOR. FREEEEEEEEE.


Do I take care of you guys or what?


If you want to see all my IG posts, you can follow me here. And speaking of following, have you subscribed to this blog yet? If not, you better. Or else. Oh sorry, that sounded a little threatening. I think I’m still recovering from that horror movie I just made in iMovie.


Anyway- if you subscribe I’ll send you a free guide to reading music and who doesn’t need that, right?


Have a great week and GO PLAY PIANO!




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