How To Play C Major Scale + Chords


So you know how I preached about playing scales in my last post? Well, if you don’t know how to play one yet, here you go! This video shows you the basic way to play a Major Scale. I have the best fingering for you to use, and you will be able to use it for all of the Major Scales that use sharps. (Most flat keys need a different fingering.) This should get you started with your scale studies.


As a little bonus, I also added the chords that happen to fall into the C Major scale. When you start learning scales with sharps and flats, you will simply adjust your fingers accordingly. More on that later.


Start with the C Major scale. I’m working on creating a database of the other Major Scales for your reference. When you practice this, make sure you hold your wrist and fingers correctly. Don’t let your finger tips go flat and don’t let your wrist get all spiky up in the air. You want a nice, straight wrist, and curvy knuckles. Maybe I’ll make a video in the near future to demonstrate. For now, I give you The C Major Scale (+ Chords).






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