For a lot of people, singing and playing at the same time is a tricky thing to do. It’s like juggling. And how many of you know how to juggle?




When you play piano, your left and right hands are like two balls, then you add your eyes to read the notes (if you do so) and your foot for the pedal. On top of that you have to keep time, so you may end up tapping the left foot. So far we are juggling five balls. THEN you wanna go and add singing on top of that??


Ok, bring it on.


Here are a few tips for singing and playing at the same time:




You’ll end up throwing something against the wall if you try to master both tasks immediately. Make sure you know the piano part first. It should almost feel like you’re playing on auto pilot. That way you can put a little attention on your voice.




Just like the previous tip, you need to know the vocal part really well. If your voice gets confused, your hands are gonna get all crazy and forget what they were doing.




Remember the juggling analogy? 1 hand + 1 voice = 2 balls to juggle. Add the third ball (left hand) after you can easily juggle two.


And that’s it. I know. This short list makes it seem simple, but I know it’s not. It will take some extra practice, but man oh man… once you get it you will be on fire!


It’s really fun to play piano and sing. Soon you’ll be booking shows at the local Jazz club. The possibilities are endless.


Try STAND BY ME in the video above. I like to teach this song to my singers because it’s just a few chords and very few changes. Download the PDF chart here: STAND BY ME CHART



To learn IMAGINE by John Lennon go HERE.

To learn CLOCKS by Coldplay go HERE.

To learn STAY by Rhianna go HERE.

To learn LET IT BE by the Beatles go HERE.

To learn STAND BY ME by Ben E. King go HERE.

To learn LOVE ME TENDER by Elvis Presley go HERE.

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