How The Beatles Mastered Music Theory

Jazz and Classical music are wonderful genres to teach if you want your students to understand all the depth behind good music. These two genres offer key changes, advanced harmonies/chords, mixed meters and all kinds of tricky concepts. Perfect food for music nerds!


While I can appreciate a good pop tune, the thing that makes a lot of us teachers grip the fall board in frustration is hearing the same four basic chords repeated over and over and OVER AGAIN! Argh!


This century is guilty in the first degree of committing this crime more than any other era before! Why do songwriters do this? Because it’s easy and fast. Loop four chords together and let it roll. Spit out a melody for the verse, another for the chorus, string a few catchy words together and BAM! Instant hit song.


What’s even worse is that audiences are so uneducated, they don’t even realize they’re being musically ripped off! Do I sound bitter?


Sorry to go off on a rant, but it really bugs me!


Now if you want to talk about pop music that commits no such sin, let’s talk about The Beatles. In the video above, you can spend 45 minutes on your lunch break witnessing how the Beatles took the greatest concepts in classical music and turned it into the best pop music of all time!


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