Bit of trivia for you: Did you know that the melody from “Love Me Tender” is actually a really old folk song called “Aura Lee”? True story.


So, do you guys know what “arpeggios” are? You don’t? OMG I am about to rock your world. Arpeggios are awesome. They are so easy to play but they sound SO impressive. They make you sound as if you’ve been playing for longer than 4 months. I love teaching my students how to use them because it always makes them feel so accomplished. Arpeggios are beautiful. All you do is take a regular old chord and separate the notes. One at a time. Go ahead. Try it. It’s nice right? So pretty.


Try it with this song, “Love Me Tender.” Then try it with another song. Arpeggios work really well with ballads (slow songs).


Before you try the video, you might want to download the free chart HERE.



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