Let’s Get Organized: A Free Piano Practice Log Just For You

Hello, hello!


I hope you guys enjoyed the last tutorial of THRILLER. And I also hope you had a fabulous Halloween! I spent the evening passing out candy to adorable little goblins and watching the newest spooky craze (at least in the States, that is) BLACK MIRROR. OMG I love that show.


I’m having a blast over here promoting my Pop/Rock Piano Chords course and also planning all the future free song lessons, but I just realized I haven’t talked about practice with you guys in quite some time…


In my private lessons, many weeks will go by when we’re making progress on a song and then I’ll show up and my student has completely ignored her practice commitments that week. So we spend the hour practicing together. Then I’ll show up the following and again… she hasn’t practiced. Uh oh. Starting to see a trend here!




This is usually when I have to give the stern talk about the importance of practice. Do you need to hear it too?


Ok ok… so maybe some of you are diligent about practicing enough and congratulations to you! But I KNOW there are many of you who need me to stare you straight in the eye and ask you what the heck is going on?! Don’t you WANT to improve? Don’t you WANT to reach your goals? Yes? Well ok then!


Ok there. I did it. Now let’s move on from this tense moment and make a plan. You know what I expect and you feel totally ready to march on and make a new habit of practicing. Right? Great. šŸ™‚


Trust me, I know how hard it is to make time for practice. But it’s just something ya gotta do. So I decided to make a handy little printable to help you out. It’s a weekly practice log! Here’s an example of one already filled out:



I want you to download your copy here. Fill it out like I did. See how I made sure to write down which parts of each song to practice? Do you notice theĀ special instructions/reminders (like “curve your fingers”)? Ā I want you to do that, too.


Log how many mins/hours you practice each day so at the end of the week you can get a clear idea of how much you actually did. Why should you do this? Well, let me tell youĀ another scenario that happens a lot:




I ask my student “How often did you practice this week?” Student looks up at the ceiling and says, “Well, I had softball on Monday and Tutoring on Tuesday and I know I practiced on Wednesday and IĀ thinkĀ I practiced on Saturday and….”


Do you see what’s wrong with this? Sometimes we just don’t really know how much or how little we’ve actually done. So you need to write it down. Your notes will tell you if you need to step your game up or not.


So download this handy little sheet, make as many copies as you want, and let’s get organized!


Now, if you’re super pressed for time, you can check out another blog post I wrote on how to make a 15 minute practice. No excuses, people! You CAN get it done.


Now go play piano!






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