How To Learn Piano For Free (All On This Blog!)


I’ve been working this blog for a little over 7 months now, so I’ve built up quite a collection of informative articles and lessons! I thought it would be fun to put together a compilation of the best posts to help any beginner get started. With this list, anyone can get a piano practice going totally for free!


Of course, once you get through the list, you’ll probably want to go a little deeper. No problem at all since I’ll be launching my beginner’s course very soon. But first, the list:


How To Improvise On Piano


Start with improv. Anyone can do it and it’s super fun. Plus, there are only a couple rules, so it involves little to no stress at all.


How To Read Music: Intervals


Next, give reading music a try. You’ll want to find a piece of sheet music to practice with. Here’s a good one over at one of my favorite websites, MakingMusicFun.


How To Play C Major Scale + Chords


Learn how to play a scale and practice keeping your fingers close to the keys. You don’t want them to pop up all over the place. Also, try to keep your wrist straight and in line with your arm. No triangle shape bend in it.


How To Play LET IT BE


Finally, learn how to play a song using chords. This could be hard for some beginner hands, because chords require more strength than single notes. But give it a try. Chords are so much fun to play and they allow you to incorporate singing.


The Self Taught Pianist


Get some inspiration! In this article, I show you how to teach yourself piano.


Craft A Creative Practice Session


If you want to play piano, you have to practice. No negotiating that one! In this article, I’ll show you how.


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