Intro To Pop/Rock Chords Is HERE!

Well… I’ve been talking about creating a course and IT IS HERE!


Can’t believe it!


I started working on this thing forever ago it seems. Ok, really it was just 6 months or so, but all the planning and research started at least 6 months before that. So it feels like ages since I promised to bring my piano teaching methods to the internet world.


It’s a good course, if I do say so myself. It’s easy to follow and each video is short and to the point. If you like the videos on this blog, you’ll do well with the course. Ok, so what’s the dif between the tutorials here and the course over there?







Well for one thing, the course treats you like a private student. That means you go from point A to point B as if you are a beginner to piano. So if you ever felt a little lost on anything from the YouTube tutorials, this will be good for you. There’s even a full color guidebook that’s included!


The course is called Intro To Pop/Rock Chords and it includes:


*Major and Minor Chords

*Seventh Chords

*Suspended Chords

*Inverted Chords

*How To Read A Chart

*How To Play Hey Jude, Stay With Me, AND Imagine.


Yup. 3 whole songs, PLUS individual lessons that break down how to play chords and understand some basic theory that will take you BEYOND these songs. That means you’ll be able to play more songs on your own after this.


It’s a GREAT starting point.


Ok. Enough selling. Check it out. Download the free videos and try it first. It’s going to be $49 for a few weeks and then it goes up to $99 so take advantage now!


Now, Go Play Piano!




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