How To Play ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM By The Everly Brothers


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Lately, I’ve been posting more challenging tutorials like Hallelujah (R.I.P. Leonard Cohen) and Thriller. Well. Here’s a nice easy number you could learn in a just couple afternoons. Maybe spend one day working on section A and then another working on section B.


ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM by the Everly Brothers. It’s in a female friendly key, so all the ladies out there will be happy about that. Get your daughter to sing along while you play. Or use it at your next party. Or play it all by yourself! Either way, you can’t go wrong.




Speaking of sing alongs… stay tuned, because right now I’m working on a compilation of 4 easy Christmas songs for you to learn. All with only 4 easy chords each!! No holiday party is complete without a sing along, and I want you to be ready in time. SO I’m making 4 easy-peasy song lessons for you. SUBSCRIBE so I can let you know as soon as those are up!


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Have a great day, everyone. And GO PLAY PIANO!








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