How To Improvise On Piano: A Super Easy Guide For Beginners

Improvising is easy. Anyone can do it. Even if you’ve never played a single song on the piano, I’m sure you can improvise. Honestly, I don’t know why students aren’t taught this in every piano lesson.


Do you remember taking art classes in school? Remember learning the color wheel and learning how to mix colors and draw shapes? Your teacher would teach you a technique and you would spend the rest of class making your own creation.


What you made would be sort of like her example at the beginning of class, but it was totally unique. It was yours. You created it!


Ahhhh what a great feeling that was!


Do you remember copying that Van Gogh piece in your art class? Or that Renoir piece? Picasso?




Oh wait…………………


Yeah. That actually DOESN’T happen.


So WHY do we spend most of our time learning other composer’s songs? This doesn’t make sense! Now don’t get me wrong… Etudes, Sonatinas, Waltzes, etc are all very important. For the same reasons art majors study the great artists, practicing composed music is good for your education. But it can’t be the ONLY thing you do.


You have to get out of your comfort zone and create a little. Be inventive. Use the tools you’re learning in lessons and make your own music!


Don’t know how? Ok, don’t worry. I will help you.


All you need are a few rules. Just like art class, I will demonstrate the rules of this project and tell you what to do to make your own.


The rules are:

  • White keys only
  • Keep a steady beat in the left hand
  • Single notes in the right hand


Watch the video for more detailed instructions. Add this to your routine and do it every day. You’re going to get more comfortable with it, I promise! And once you do, I have to warn you: You’re going to want to learn as much as you can about improvising. It’s just SO liberating and fun.








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