Full Piano Lesson: How To Play THRILLER By Michael Jackson

To hear the FULL LENGTH DEMO version of this song, click watch this:


BOO!  Did I scare you?


Well, it is the season after all. And since it’s Halloween season, I wanted to create a tutorial just perfect for all you modern music lovers and of course, THRILLER was the first song I thought of.


I made this piano arrangement with the beginner – early intermediate student in mind. You can download the sheet music here for FREE. I’ll be sending you 2 different download links.


ONE is the plain sheet music and TWO is the same sheet music with highlighted sections. Why highlighted? Because I want you to see the 4 different sections that exist in the song. This makes sight reading less overwhelming. When you notice patterns that repeat it makes it a lot easier to learn!


PLUS, the lesson is a bit long and if you watch it from start to finish in one sweep, you might get lost. So keep the sheet music(s) nearby for reference. Also- consider learning the song in small sections. If this were a private lesson, I would teach you ONLY section A and maybe section B and then leave you to it. Since you’re in the DIY category, you have to self-regulate. Leave questions in the comment section below for extra help.


The video is a COMPLETE piano lesson. That means I take my time explaining things as if you were a private student. I want you to understand everything.


There are 4 sections to this song. Make sure you pause and practice after each section and don’t move on until you feel ready. Download the sheet music and follow along. This will greatly improve your sight reading!




As always, you can ask me a question at any time! Just leave it in the comments below and I’ll get right to work on helping you out. If you know anyone who may want to learn this song, please share!


Have a great day everyone and GO PLAY PIANO!





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  1. My first reaction was, this is weird, doesn’t sound right. I was learning this song using same 4 notes as Billie Jean, C#BF#E.
    But then, listening some more, I heard an Evanescence-like sound – interesting arrangement. Thanks

    • Interesting comparison! I will admit I have a “different” style. Hope you enjoy playing it 🙂

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