How Chord Theory Is A Bit Like Fashion

I admit to being a bit of a girly girl when it comes to clothes. I’ve always loved observing what others wear. I like seeing everyone’s style. One of my favorite looks I’ve been seeing is the chic male look. I love that some men are starting to dress up every day, even though it’s totally not the norm in these here times…


I was planning a tutorial for you guys about chords and when I was trying to figure out where to start, I realized that of course I would need to start with Major and Minor chords. Why? Because they are the foundation of every other chord you will ever play! They’re like… the jeans and tee shirts of outfits! The basic black suit! The leggings and sweater.


When you put a pair of jeans on with a basic solid color tee shirt, that’s like playing a basic major or minor chord. But if you add some really snazzy shoes or a cool necklace or you style your hair in a fun way, you’re adding new elements to your look, which is kinda like adding a 7th tone to your basic Major chord.


Major Seventh chords are my favorites… They’re so dreamy. You make them by taking a Major Chord, which is explained the video below, and you add the tone that’s 2 whole steps above it. To me, it’s like taking a basic black dress and adding stilettos when you could have just worn converse. The high heels add an element of class and glamour.


Now if you take that same Major Chord and add a tone that’s only 1.5 steps above the 5th tone, you get a regular old 7th chord, which totally has it’s place in music! But on it’s own.. it kinda clashes. Kind of like wearing that basic black dress with a pair of ratty old converse.


No offense to the 7th chords! They do have their place and they sound lovely when paired with other chords next to them. Which I guess is a little like trying to balance it out with other sounds. Like for example, I love some beachy-messy hair in the summer, but it really only looks good with a clean face and nice clothes. Too much messy looks… messy.


My point is that a basic Major or Minor chord is the foundation for all your harmonic possibilities. It’s exciting move up and learn about chords like flatted 5ths, suspended chords, Major 7ths,  9ths.


The possibilities are endless, but first you gotta learn to tie your shoes.


And in music, you have to learn the basics behind Major and Minor chords. So here’s a quick little video on what the difference is.  I hope you like it.


And if you want to dig even deeper, then take my Intro to Pop/Rock Chords course. You’ll go deeper with Major/Minor chords, but you’ll also learn all about the sexy suspended chords and 7th chords and I’ll even show you how to invert chords (It’s kind of like altering your clothes so that they fit you better).


BTW- the course is on sale right now for only $49. In exactly one month, it will go up to $100, so you may want to grab it now.


I hope you enjoyed this silly little blog post. If you did, please share!




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