The Best Gifts For Music Lovers

The holiday shopping period is here. Are you ready? Me neither.


I was shopping at Marshalls a little over a week ago and it hit me that in just one week, people are going to be creating chaos in that very same store as well as many other stores across America… THAT is when I hole up in my house and refuse to leave!


I can’t stand crowds. So I just do all of my shopping online. I know some people love the craziness of holiday retail season. If that’s you, well bless your heart. But if you’re like me, let me give you a list of great gifts to buy all the music lovers in your life. I’ll try to stick with Amazon links, since a lot of you are Prime subscribers and love to take advantage of their free 2 day shipping.


Ok here ya go. My list of the BEST gifts for Music Lovers!


Satellite Radio.  I seriously cannot imagine life without satellite radio. Of course, I live in a city where we spend half of our day in the car. You may not have that problem where you live. But if someone you know DOES, and they love music, then this is a great gift.


The niche stations are the bomb. I love Real Jazz, XMU (the indie hipster station), Classic Vinyl, Chill (down tempo electronica), and Spa (which helps a great deal with preventing road rage). There are also a ton of great Country, Religious, Pop, Rock, and Classical stations.


Fake Books. No matter what instrument they play, a Fake Book is a must. 1200 + songs with the melody, lyrics, and chords. This is extra special for singers, pianists, and guitarists. With such a huge selection of songs, there’s always something fun to play.


Music Learning Games.  This is great for anyone who’s new to learning music. Games are such a fun way to memorize tedious bits of information like note values, intervals, and pitches on the staves. My young students love this game, but it’s also a great item to give to families with multiple learners.


Flash Cards. Just adding on to the music game idea… you can never have too many flash cards! Excellent for new students. Here’s a set I love.


MIDI Keyboard. If the music lover in your life has a knack for creativity, then buy them a MIDI keyboard. You plug it into the computer, open up Garageband (PC users will want to download Audacity) and compose compose compose! This is seriously SUCH a fun way to make music!!


You can get them in 2 octave sizes, which are really small. But you can adjust the octaves when you record, so these are nice for travel. They also come in 49 key size. Better than the tiny ones if you plan to record at home. And then there are the full size 88 keys. If your loved one is a serious songwriter, then buy one of those.


USB Microphone is a must for any of your singing friends. They can plug it right into the laptop, add a karaoke track to Garageband, and make their own demos. FUN!!! Don’t buy just any brand. If you’re a singer, you will find that some of the USB mics don’t fit the bill and are designed for talking. Singers need a “condenser” mic. This one is built by a trusted brand that’s been designing microphones for singers for decades!


Books. In my last post, I shared 4 of my favorite books for inspiring a creative productive life of music. Each book is less than $20, so this may be a great gift for anyone on a budget.


Private Lessons. Each year, someone buys someone a pack of my private lessons. It’s an awesome gift idea!! If you know anyone has shown an interest in piano lessons, buy a pack of 4 right here.


And if they’re more of the DIY type of learner, then buy them a copy of the full course INTRO TO POP/ROCK CHORDS.  For more info on what’s included in the course, go here.


Or buy both! Private lessons are great for getting a new student focused and prepared to create a disciplined daily practice. The course is awesome for learning what most new students want to learn: Pop and Rock music.


What would you like to add to the list? I’m always on the hunt for more gift ideas. Please share your ideas in the comments section. And be sure to share this article with your friends!


If you want to be around a group of piano learners like yourself, join my free Facebook group Go Learn Piano. 


Have a great day, remember to breathe, and try to enjoy the busiest time of the year!




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