Beach Boys Tutorial: DON’T WORRY BABY


This Beach Boys song was requested by one of my subscribers, Tenille, who appears to have a healthy Beach Boys addiction happening, of which I thoroughly approve!


As a side note, may I brag for a moment and tell you I recorded my last album in the same studio as the Pet Sounds album? True story!!


Don’t you love the Beach Boys? I grew up listening to these guys but once I moved to Southern California, I really started to get it. If you live in Australia like Tenille, then you’re lucky enough to be living the Summer life right now, and Beach Boys is the perfect soundtrack.


If you’re still freezing where you live, use this warm weather music to cheer you up on the gloomy days.


This song uses another handy dandy beginner notes lead sheet from You can get the song here.


It’s really cheap to download, but you can also just download the free sample page first to follow along with. If you feel comfortable by that point, go ahead and buy the whole thing!


This song uses some sharps and flats, triplets, and chords in the left hand and melody in the right.


Don’t let that intimidate you. At the end of the day, you can always just pause the video and copy me using your ear to guide you. You don’t even need the sheet!


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